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Carter James Nurse Coaching

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

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Transformational guide to help you live your best life.  Assisting you to set big life goals and achieve them.   Here to help you navigate this thing we call life and live it out to fullest.  If you can dream it-you can achieve it.

*Special focus on Special Needs Parents/Cancer patients and survivors/ and anyone who wants the best that life has to offer.  

Certified in Meditation and Reiki.

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 What is a Nurse Coach?

 A Registered Nurse who focuses on holistic health by helping to cultivate the overall wellness of their patients.  Nurse Coaches are skilled communicators,  dynamic agents of change, and exactly what has been missing from the medical model. Working with a nurse coach gives you gives you  opportunity to achieve  holistic healing in the mind, spirit, and body. 

Working with Special Needs parents, Cancer patients and families, Diabetes patients and anyone that wants to transform their life.


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